Jurnal Lentera: Educational studies journal published by Yayasan Pembina Lembaga Pendidikan (YPLP) PGRI West Sumbawa. Lentera journal is published in January and July every year. Lentera contains Educational Scientific studies related to educational innovations and educational thinking in the form of 1) Research results, 2) Conceptual ideas, 3) Literature studies, and practical experiences.

Vol 5 No 1 (2023): August 2022-January 2023 Edition





Published: 2023-01-15

Comparative Study of Mathematical Representation Ability Between Connected Mathematics Project and Problem Based Learning Models

Githa Niermala Riescillia, Lusiana Prastiwi, Muhajir, Siti Musrifah


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Myteme Contruction In Sumbawa Folklore “Paruma Ero”: A Case Study Of Structuralism Perspektive Levi-Strauss

Eirzikri Rentarimasa, Mahsun, Johan Mahyudi


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Gamification Integration into Virtual Reality to Actualize Immersive Learning

Cicilia Ika Mayawati, Evalin Ndoen, Stephanie Anggreinie


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The Effect of Learning Guidance and Learning Motivation On Mathematics Learning Achievement Through STAD Learning Model

Dwi Cahyo Nugroho, Ardianik, Sucipto


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Application of the Principal's Policy on Teacher Professional Development

Qurban Hajar, Hen Ardiansyah, Siama


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