Jurnal Lentera: Educational studies journal published by the Yayasan Pembina Lembaga Pendidikan (YPLP) PGRI West Sumbawa. Lentera Journal is published in January and July every year. Lentera contains Educational Scientific studies related to educational innovations and educational thinking in the form of 1) Research results, 2) Conceptual ideas, 3) Literature studies, and practical experiences.

Editors invite academics, lecturers, and general researchers to contribute to submitting scientific articles that have never been published by other journals. The manuscript is typed with 1 cm spacing on A4 size paper with a length of 12-25 pages, 4000-7000 words. The submitted manuscripts are evaluated by the editorial board. Editors can make changes to the articles published for the uniform format, without changing the substance. Editors receive articles that meet scientific standards and book reviews in accordance with journal themes in the field of Islamic education studies. Editors have the right to edit without changing the content and intent of the writing. The language used is Indonesian, English, and Arabic.
This journal is openly accessible which means that all available content is freely accessible without charge, either to the user or to the institution. Users who are permitted to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or cite the full text of the article do not have to first ask permission from the publisher or author.
Editorial Address: Jalan Cross Selatan Sekongkang Bawah Village, Sekongkang District, West Sumbawa Regency - NTB
Email: lentera.yplp@gmail.com
ISSN Print: 2685-5542
ISSN Online: 2685-5550