Analysis of Function Concepts in Singapore Mathematics Textbook in Developing Critical Thinking

Nursidrati, Lala Intan Komalasari, Sofyan Syamratulangi


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Imperative Speech Acts of Teachers in Learning at SD Negeri Aik Kangkung, Sekongkang District

Fitria Sari, Mahsun, Burhanuddin


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The Effect Of Inquiry Guided Models on High School Students' Physics Learning SMA

Kamaluddin, Edi Firmansyah, Swandi


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Student Perspective Of MTs Yasim Nata On The Implementation Of Blended Learning In The Covid-19 Pandemic

Yeni Rahmawati, Muh. Irfan, Nur Islamiati


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The Role of Educational Technology in the Millennial Era in Building the Competitiveness of the Nation

Qurban Hajar, Sofyan Syamratulangi, Mujiono Sang Putra


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Curriculum Based On Local Wisdom in Forming Student Character

Sandi Kurniawan, Halim


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