Published: 2023-01-15

Comparative Study of Mathematical Representation Ability Between Connected Mathematics Project and Problem Based Learning Models

Githa Niermala Riescillia, Lusiana Prastiwi, Muhajir, Siti Musrifah


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Myteme Contruction In Sumbawa Folklore “Paruma Ero”: A Case Study Of Structuralism Perspektive Levi-Strauss

Eirzikri Rentarimasa, Mahsun, Johan Mahyudi


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Gamification Integration into Virtual Reality to Actualize Immersive Learning

Cicilia Ika Mayawati, Evalin Ndoen, Stephanie Anggreinie


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The Effect of Learning Guidance and Learning Motivation On Mathematics Learning Achievement Through STAD Learning Model

Dwi Cahyo Nugroho, Ardianik, Sucipto


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Application of the Principal's Policy on Teacher Professional Development

Qurban Hajar, Hen Ardiansyah, Siama


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